Youth/Teen Tuition for the Spring 2022 Semester is based on a 24 week commitment. Curriculum is designed to be sequential learning so students are building on new skills each week. We highly discourage drop in classes for youth.


1 hour $99 $594
1 hour, 30 minutes $138 $828
2 hours $175 $1050
3 hours $238 $1428
4 hours $288 $1728
5 hours $324 $1944
6 hours $365 $2190
7 hours $378 $2268
Unlimited for 1 child $399 (FOR 8 HOURS +) $2394

*Any amount over the selected hour moves to the next hourly tiered rate.

** Monthly installment based on payment maid by the 1st.


Single Drop-in Class
New or Current Student
(expires 30-days after purchase)
$30 per class
Annual Registration Fee $50 per student
Annual Musical Theatre Materials Fee $25 due at time of registration
Private Dance or Vocal Lessons Please inquire for more information


Adult performance intensives include the respective technique class as well as the 30 minute rehearsal after class. There are 2 Sessions (A & B) for 12 or 24 weeks, respectively. In Session A, you’ll learn one piece of choreography that will be presented at the June Showcase. In Session B, you’ll learn the choreography from Session A as well as a second choreography. Both pieces will be presented at the June Showcase.

Single Drop-in Class
(expires 30-days after purchase)
Military/College/WW MEMBER/Professional Single Drop-in
(expires 30-days after purchase)
WW Member 4 Class Monthly Pass
(expires 60-days)
Adult 4 Class Monthly Pass
(expires in 60-days)
Adult 8 Class Monthly Pass
(expires in 60-days)
Session A or B
Adult 12 week performance intensive.
(expires after the commitment is over - 95 days)
$312 ($26 FOR class+Rehearsal)
Session A and B
Adult 24 week performance intensive.
(expires after the commitment is over - 190 days)
$600 ($25 FOR class+Rehearsal)

For maximum growth and progress, our curriculum is designed so that most Dance & Theatre Technique

Classes are at least 55 minutes or longer, unless otherwise indicated on our schedule.


  1. There is an annual registration fee of $50.00 per individual due at the time of enrollment.
  2. The tuition installments are due on the 1 st of each month, with the exception of January. January’s installment will be taken the week of January 10th, 2022, when the regular session begins.
  3. There is a 5-day grace period after the 1st. Late fees, and/or declined payments will be assessed a $35 administrative fee.
  4. Tuition is calculated as an annual amount, taking into account holidays and studio closures.
  5. Tuition can be paid in full, or spread out over monthly payments.
  6. Auto monthly payments are available through Dance Studio Pro. Auto payments and credit cards will automatically be charged a 3% processing fee.
  7. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.
  8. Tuition is non transferable or refundable and there are no refunds for unused Tuition.
  9. Prorated Tuition can be available for individuals who join the Semester late.
  10. Our annual year will follow the school year and begins in September and continues to the end of June.
  11. If for any dire reason, you need to withdraw for the semester, a written notice must be received 60 days in advance, utilizing our withdrawal form that is available at the front desk. Withdrawals are not accepted after March 1st and there will be no refunds for unused tuition.
  12. Production Fees and Showcase fees will vary and are separate from tuition.
  13. Absences and tardies will be tracked in Dance Studio Pro in the Parent Portal. Any absence can be made up by taking an alternate class within 14 days. Absences can not be refunded or taken out of the total tuition.


We offer 3 different training tracks that are uniquely tailored to fit your individual goals:

  1. Fundamentals: Recreational Technique and Training classes. No Performances. This track is recommended for dancers who might not be ready to commit to additional rehearsal times, or have not yet expressed a desire to perform in front of an audience….yet!
  2. Performance Company: Technical Technique Class Training + Additional Weekly Rehearsals to learn choreography and present in the Summer and/or Fall Showcase, and will be invited to Community Outreach Events. *Recommend taking 3-5 classes per week.
  3. Broadway Bound: Rigorous Triple Threat Technical Training + Additional Weekly Rehearsals to learn Performance Technique and present in the Summer and/or Fall Showcase + Performance Technique and Preparation for bi-annual Musical Theatre Shows. *Recommend taking 5-7 classes per week. Suggested classes: Vocal Performance, Musical Theatre Performance, and a variety of dance styles (CAST IN MUSICALS - BY AUDITION ONLY). If cast in the musical, you are required to take at least 1 technique class/week.